A Collaboration...

I could barely contain myself all day. I had checked the shipping status for a package I was expecting and saw that it was due to be delivered today (!!!). It contained the results of a collaboration with Shannon LeVart (missficklemedia). About a month ago I made a batch of ceramic hoops and sent them off to Florida for Shannon to make toggles for. I was so thrilled to open my box of treasures (which contained a whole bunch of other amazing goodies too!) and find these...

Blue Onion

While visiting my folks in a little town in Illinois, I bought this precious little cream pitcher from a local antique store. I immediately fell in love with is clean german-tankard style lines, and the lyrical blue onion decoration. I want to explore this shape in my own pottery, and perhaps the blue onion style as a slip decoration.

Gulf Coast Days

In my early childhood, we lived along various places near the Gulf of Mexico (Texas, Louisiana, Southern Georgia - my dad was in the air force so we moved a lot back then). I have fond memories of the ocean and white sandy beaches. So much so, it creeps into my work every now and then in various ocean-themed collections.
I can still smell the sea salt in the air.;-)


Each time I visit the southwest, I never cease to be amazed and inspired by the color and magic I encounter. One of my favorite spots is Canyon De Chelly. Here are a few photos from my trip a few years ago and recent work inspired by it.I am intrigued by the marks left behind by ancient people who once lived there. In the 2nd photo are 3 marks that I am most drawn to: a circles-in-circles glyph, a 4-way glyph, and a scorpion. I am told that the circles represent the start of a journey, and the 4-way glyph, a turning point. In my other (art) blog, I explored imagery related to these fundamental archetypes - the journey and the turning point: The Wheel ImagesWhirl GlyphGlyph 5EquilibriumInterlocking WorldsShield, and Mishepeshu, among others.

Customized Mugs in Progress

Here's a batch of mugs with designs applied, ready for firing. I'm tinkering with a new technique to try to preserve as much of the glaze color richness as possible during the third and final decal fire. My first attempt did not quite hit the mark, so I'll be doing another round of these over the next few weeks.

Mandala Bowls

Mandala bowls from this past winter - I've been away from these, about to create a new batch in my latest glazes. More to come...
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