Jewelry Artists Who Inspire Me

I am so very fortunate to have bits of my work incorporated into pieces by some amazing jewelry designers. It truly inspires me to create more, and to push the boundaries of my own work. There are so many; here are just a few...
Gear Link Earrings by Lune Artisan Jewelry (Keirsten Giles)
Sea Witch Necklace by Shannon LeVart
Porcelain, Lampwork and Copper Earrings by KristiBowmanDesign
Cliff Dwellers Bracelet by Jean A. Wells

Woodland Treasures

Jewelry Musings...

It's that time of year - I'm hunkering down to get ready for the holiday season - which means: JEWELRY! I'll be adding new pieces to the shop. Here's a little sneak preview...

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New Reduction Kiln!!! And More Components!!!

Just picked up today from Kentucky Mudworks. Hubby laid black pipe. Propane tank to be delivered in 2 weeks. I can't wait to fire this baby up! Now I just have to get more sales going to make this little investment pay off!In other news, 2 bisque fires this week:Lots and lots of yummy new components - pictures show top shelf, middle shelf, and bottom shelf, and a close-up of new leaf charms (to be glazed in warm autumn colors).And pottery, including a new batch of oil lamps - just in time to chase the fall / winter darkness away!The components will require several glaze fires, starting tomorrow night. Stay tuned for pictures!

Summer Days Winding Down to Fall...

From today's kiln unloading - some new autumnal glaze schemes mixed in with some old favorites...


After a frenzy of packing and two days driving, I arrived at our little cabin, which Don and I refer to as "The Studio". We unpacked the car and set all my tools and materials in my corner work area near the spiral stairs...did I ever mention how much I love spirals? ;-)

Sneak Preview from the Kiln

A few of the goodies I unloaded from my latest fire...

Kiln Unloading

This was probably the most bead-intesive firing I've done to date. Normally, I fire mostly large components and pottery with only a few beads. Though it doesn't look like much, this load took an incredible amount of time to form, bisque fire, paint, carefully arrange onto bead racks, then finally fire. It turned out to take a good deal more time than I planned, causing me to delay my trip to the cabin by a day (leaving tomorrow - yay!).  
But I am super excited because I am keep a good portion of these for my own jewelry work instead of selling them outright.
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