Cabin Fever


Don plowing our road...

Crow Wisdom

For our Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Mon

Shop update today....


It's been a busy holiday season for me. With lots of new ceramic goodies getting bundled up into bead sets and listed in my shop. Be sure to drop by...


The Adventure Continues


I have explored a number of new ideas this year... I will talk about just a few here. 

Themed Bead Assemblies 

All year, I've been wanting to play with the idea of putting beads together into a themed assembly or composition.

Woodland Winter

My first winter living full-time at the cabin. And so far it has been a doozy! Several winter storms over the course of two weeks caused delay after delay in my ceramic firing schedule. Don was busy plowing and working on the new studio. It has been non-stop craziness. But I love living here.I managed to get a load of ceramic beads fired. Here is a preview of a few...

Serpent Mound Revisited

Some time back, while I still lived in northern Kentucky, I made a visit to ancient sites in Ohio: Serpent Mound and Leo Petroglyph Rock. This journey was part of a series of explorations following a vision I had of a Copper Star.

Latest Doings and Makings...


I've been slowly getting ready for the holidays with various ideas for beads. Still haven't thought through what I want to do for ornaments. Not sure I will do any this year. Hmm...Here's just a few photos of what I've been up to...First some sketches for sets of beads in a "Holiday Birds" series...

Halloween / Day of the Dead Blog Hop

So....Diana Ptaszynski decided to host a Day of the Dead and Halloween Blog Hop.

Starry Road - New Studio Part II

Some of you may remember my first post a while back, about the new studio my husband and I are building: Starry Road - A New Studio in the Works.

Exploring Ancient Forms


I've been playing with a lot of ancient forms and textures lately, along with symbols and glyphs. Really digging this stuff. Once glazed, these will go to Bead Fest, then when I'm back later in August I will introduce these and many others to my shop.

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