Ocean Inspired


Photo by me, taken today (Feb. 22), Florida Atlantic Coast 

I have always been inspired by the sea. This week I happen to be in Florida visiting my youngest daughter Audrey. I visited the Ocean today and got re-inspired all over again. :)

The beads depicted in this post are available in my shop at Starry Road Studio.

Shells collected by me today


Craggy shell I found today
The Beads...



Inspiration (photos by others, as noted)...

Atlantic Ocean by Merek Misztal
Ocean by Omar Fallaha


The Beads....
Inspiration (photos by others, as noted)...
Ocean by Orient-Express
Ocean by Katarina Stefanović


The Beads....



Inspiration (photos by others, as noted)...
Unknown source, via One Trick Pony




I end my stay in Florida this Thursday (back to the frozen North!). I'm sorry to leave so soon - I really enjoyed my brief re-aquaintance with my old friend the Sea.


Dia Sobin

Perfect post, K. Beautiful photos, beautiful collection, and, as for the video, a much needed ocean fix. Breathe that ocean air while you can - I envy you! :-)

Karen Totten

Thank you Dia. xo

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