Leaning into Fall...


October is here and I find myself turning to more and more fall-ish themes... here are a few things I've been working on ...


My Creative Process

I thought I'd share a little bit about my creative process. I often sketch my ideas well in advance of committing them to clay or whatever. This is how I think out my ideas. Sketching is a way for me to capture an initial concept and to develop it further.

Woodland Totems - Shop Update

Please join me for a shop update on Sept. 8, MONDAY AT NOON (EST), at


Woodland Totems

Hi everyone, I'm getting ready for a shop update in a few days. The theme of this upcoming update is Woodland Totems. I'm excited to bring these beads to you all...Here's a sneak preview:

Newsletter and Shop Update

I recently started a newsletter for Starry Road Studio. I did this to help keep you all up to date on the latest events, updates, and news. Especially since many of you are not on FaceBook or even if you are, find it to be sometimes busy and difficult to follow.  
As a "Thank You" for signing up, I am offering a special coupon.

Shop Update

Crazy for Clay

Just another in a continuing series of updates from Starry Road Studio.... Needless to say, I have been knee deep in clay, relishing with joy the ability to work in this medium again after a so long a time away while transitioning from KY to NY over the past year. Yes, that's right, it has been nearly a YEAR since I packed up and left KY to return to NY. Most of my studio has been packed up in storage and only in recent weeks have I begun the slow process of getting everything set up here.

Ocean Inspired


Shop Update

Cabin Fever


Don plowing our road...

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